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Minted Collections

Discover NFTs reimagined in Gold

Here we can capture your stunning NFT digital art onto gold plates for you to enjoy and hold as an asset. Place your custom order or consider buying an existing engraved 24K gold plate with SPERA stablecoins.

We think t-shirts make a great canvas for digital art too!

Mint Your NFT On Gold

Commemorate in pure 24K Gold

$7800 SPRA

Spera Moonshot Panda

Our first minted 24K Gold Plate

$8800 SPRA

Spera Moonshot Panda *

Limited Edition of 69 Gold Plates

$6999 SPRA

Buy Your Gold Plate

Commemorate Your NFT Later

$7500 SPRA




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Bored Ape Black Tshirt

Stylish and Fun

$95 SPRA