Gold, The Mysterious Metal

Instantly add value to your NFT collection

Gold has always been viewed as a sign of wealth and power due to its rarity and durability. Its lustrous and metallic qualities only add to the perception of gold as a valuable commodity.

Gold does not corrode and it is the perfect medium for lasting art.  Gold naturally possesses a subtle array of alluring colors that shine and highlight the beautifully etched lines of our minted NFT plate images. We can’t wait to show you.

About NFT gold minting

Celebrate your NFT and add Gold to your assets

While following tradition, NFT Gold Minting is our creative way to collect and display NFT images on golden plates.

We believe that NFTs can benefit from the added value of a real-world underlying asset that supports NFT valuation but plates can be held or traded separately.

Diversifying holdings can lead to the increase of NFT portfolio values. This is why combining digital and physical assets just makes sense as we welcome more individuals who want to participate in the Blockchain space.

We stand by our plates with a lifetime buyback program. Our customers may sell their gold plate back to us at any time, based on the certified weight and for prevailing market price of gold, which we will melt and reuse. You can read our guarantee here.

How to order A gold plate

Modern way to embrace an ancient art form

Since ancient civilization — from the Egyptians onward, gold has held symbolic value and remains a traditional store of wealth.

We want to help memorialize your NFT in pure gold in the best possible way just as King Teres was honored with his golden mask 2500 years ago.

We can guide you through the process and paperwork for creating 24 Karat gold plates featuring your NFT art.

We take secure ownership very seriously and that is why we have created a way to register the etched golden plate on the Blockchain. Each plate comes with a certificate stating the gold purity and a certificate of the registration of the NFT plate with its own hash address. Read how you can take care of your minted gold plate here.

NFT Gold Minting is a lasting impression.

Please click on the PDF link below and upon you completing the form, we can begin the work.

NFT Copyright Holder Agreement