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We are building an open NFT creative community to create, buy and sell. We want to share this exciting opportunity to bring the value and the asset of pure gold to investments in digital assets.

We are available to help you through all of the stages and you will be able to promote your NFT as backed with pure gold or You can choose to keep the minted gold plate and sell the NFT separately. The gold plates are a unique art in themselves.

Five Easy Steps

  • Create Art
  • Build Your NFT
  • Mint NFT Gold Plate
  • Set up Wallet to accept Payment
  • Sell with Shop Support

We look forward to hearing from you to learn more and welcome an image of your artwork

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How we can help you right now

We are accepting applications via email and as a young startup group, will welcome all input as to how we can make this great for our current and future members. We can help you promote your NFTs in unique ways to increase value and earn income.

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